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Workshop and Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Jason Luoma, Ph.D.


Upcoming ACT Workshops in the Pacific Northwest

My upcoming workshops on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and working with highly self-critical and shame-prone clients are run through www.actwithcompassion.com.

We've also created a mailing list that alert you to upcoming ACT training events in the Pacific Northwest by filling in the form below. I announce any events I hear of, whether I am involved or not. This is meant to be a resource to get local therapists in contact with ACT training.


Online Workshops in ACT

I sometimes run online classes through www.actwithcompassion.com. The workshops are conducted via teleconference and a web browser. If you aren't someone who considers yourself very tech-savy, these workshops will still work for you. If you can use a browser, such as Internet Explorer, then you know enough to do these workshops.

You can check be put on the email list to be alerted for future online workshops that I run by requesting that below:



ACT peer consultation group in Portland

We have organized an ACT peer consultation group for professionals in the Portland area that has been running since November, 2005. Meetings are usually once a month on Friday at 3:30-5:30pm and are free. The sessions have been really wonderful and meaingful so far. Attendance is open to any therapists and students who are interested in learning ACT. Just send me an email at email@drluoma.com if you are curious or want more informaton abut places and times.

One-on-one Consulation: Phone or Videoconference

I also do phone consultation in ACT for people interested in learning ACT who do not have any local contacts. If you are afraid you can't afford it, please call me and we can discuss it. The first consultation is free for anyone interested in learning ACT. I was once in the position of not having anyone in my local area who could provide supervision in ACT for me when I was interested. My only choice at the time was to move to Reno to learn it. So I have would like to help those people out who are in the position of wanting to learn but don't know anyone nearby with expertise. My phone number is 503-281-4852 x13. I have previously collected data in a randomized controlled trial that shows that phone consultation improves the psychological flexibility of therapists who participate. So there's empirical evidence that phone consultation is helpful. I have found videoconference based consultation even more helpful.


Training opportunities by other ACT trainers can be found here.


My training background and the Learning ACT book

One of my central career interests is in training other therapists in how to do ACT and researching the effectiveness of such training. Towards this end, I written a book called Learning ACT: An Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists. I trained under Steven Hayes, Ph.D. at the University of Nevada, Reno, was the director of the First Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Summer Training Institute, program chair for the eight ACBS World Conference, and Chair of the ACT Training Committee. I am listed on the ACT website as a trainer and have published outcome studies on research relating to dissemination and training of ACT.

Learning ACT book